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About Us

Groomy Pet Space is a humanized space set up by people who love animals.

The Cave is a place where everyone can relax from the body to the mind. Under the rapid pace of the city, let everyone slow down, take a break, and go further.


In a space shared by pets and humans, multiple cat keepers will accompany everyone on their honeymoon (have a pleasant time) in the cave.


The cave also undertakes part of the social responsibility, as a halfway station, providing a warm "hole" for cats who are injured and ready to be adopted

Groomy Pet Store is a pet shopping station full of humanity. We hope to provide high-quality products for pets through communication with owners. and tailor-made food menus.



We respect communication between people.

We hope that everyone here can find the human touch that they once had.

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​ Anytime Li. go anytime

Looking for a place to sit on holidays, drink a cup of wild!

Pick up the cat and read the book.

After work on weekdays, you need a place to calm down, relax and adjust your mood.

No matter if you are alone, you can date a good sister, Li Hea, or punch a card.


Animal dens are sure to suit you.

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Live slowly. handicraft time

Animal dens provide a space for busy Hong Kong people to do small crafts. Draw pictures, write calligraphy, and do small handicrafts.

​The handicraft workshop provided by us will provide temporary storage service for everyone. Don't rush to finish the work at one time, you can really enjoy the good time of a person or a confidant slowly and immersively.

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monthly pass plan

Hong Kong is a place with many small people, and the space that we lack most is space. Whether you want a cozy place hea, need a place to work, study, or even start a business meeting.

​We can all have different monthly fee plans, so that you can enjoy the real shared space of the animal den.


animal cave

Unit F, Floor B, Kwun Tong Industrial Centre Phase 1, 472-484 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong

Tel: 3482 6098


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